Bali Akah Bonsai

Bali Akah Bonsai opened June 2015 in Akah village Klung Kung, Bali. “My passion for bonsais began in 1998, when I started searching for bonsais in the wilderness of Southern Bali. What started as a weekend hobby became my obsession, because I felt closer to nature. I wanted to save these unique trees before they became extinct. I began learning more deeply about how to cultivate and create bonsais with a friend who is a bonsai master. Through observation of his techniques, our discussions and reading many bonsai books, I learned how to create new and innovative bonsai styles that incorporated both Eastern and Western methods.

I continue to explore new ways of creating distinctive bonsai trees as living works of art. It is my mission to offer people striking bonsais that will bring beauty to their homes and their lives. It is also my wish to share my knowledge about the function and energy that emanates from bonsai trees, as each bonsai has a special energy that can provide healing, as well as peace and calm in your environment. Many of my clients have shared that their stress levels have greatly decreased since they put bonsai trees in their homes or businesses.

Bali Akah Bonsai Products